Oct 09 2017

Ever thought about what a second is worth?

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When I do training, I try for a minimum of  5% productivity improvement.  Think of it as a net improvement in pieces produced per hour.

Since most injection molded parts work on an approximately 20 second cycle, 5% equals 1 second improvement in cycle net time (cycle time, scrap reduction, etc.)  Recently after doing both class training and a one-day hands-on to prove the training would work, my client said 1 second was worth $2000 per year/machine extra income (based on a 20-hour day-15 shift week- 50-week year accommodating setup times and maintenance). It works out to $.03333 per operating hour and seems like nothing.

Let’s do some math:  Suppose Your shop has 15 machines and using the productive year above, and assume your average productivity improvement is 1.5 seconds for all the machines.  You crunch the numbers and come up with $45,000 additional income without having to buy any more equipment. IN ADDITION, you get 750 available machine hours for new business. All of a sudden, that three and a third cents/hour adds up!  Think about how many years you have been leaving that kind of money on the table.

Now let’s be real.  Every time I have taught a seminar and went to the production floor to optimize machines, we never got 1 second improvements.  They were always much better.  Some of my clients complained that not all their jobs improved.  Yes, it is a game of numbers and averages.  Once you start, you need to go throughout the plant and as your schedule dictates, optimize every mold.  You need to get a little competition going on the floor between the techs – “Why’d you set that XXXX there?”  However, along with it, you need to spend money.  Your folks are the ones who implement and sustain this thinking.  You should reward them with some of the savings.  Now that you have extra money, invest it in better maintenance so the techs can take their productivity improvement program up another notch.

Interested in learning the techniques?  No magic black boxes or transducers required.  Here is the LINK for the class portion only.  If you want an in-house (the class and the hands on) we can schedule around the dates I will he doing the public seminars or at your convenience. No extra charge for working on the weekends. If you are running 24/7, it can be accommodated as two seminars

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