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General Description: WJT Associates specializes in providing engineering services for the plastics industry. Our company has associations with other experts allowing us to provide complete services from idea to production.

Project Management: We have can take your product from concept design to quality products (molded or assembled) in the volumes you require at the quality levels appropriate to your needs. We have associations with some of the best designers, tool builders, and production facilities that can bring you sustained success. We encourage any level of participation you feel comfortable with. We can train your people to take over the next project or have no participation at all.

Troubleshooting: We can assist you and your processors to improve your productivity, reduce scrap, improve mating part fits, or recommend tooling/part changes to get you a better part.

Tooling Qualifications: We can train your people, write testing protocols, or do a rigorous statistical tooling qualification to assure a documented process window for your parts and consistent part quality.

Product design and conception: We can assist you from taking your design such as an idea or a sketch and render full engineering drawings. For those problem designs, we offer design critiques to help render your design manufacturable or assist in changing your design to reduce costs. We will assist you in writing the appropriate specifications to assure your product will be produced to comply with your needs

Prototyping: We have associations with CAD designers as well as several prototype specialists. We can render your design in stereo lithography, short run production, hand lay-up or other forms of prototype construction.

Materials Selection: We assist you in selecting the appropriate material that will produce your product economically and still fulfill your design/product end-use specifications.

Quality control: We can write or assist you in writing your own quality control specifications or manual. We set up SPC programs and assistance in compliance to FDA or ISO requirements.

Contract Negotiations: We can assist you in writing long term production contracts with your suppliers to assure a constant flow of materials to your facility.

Mold and tooling follow-up: We will assist you in writing a tooling construction contract, locate the appropriate tool and die maker for your needs, then follow up on the construction giving periodic reports of progress. We can assure on time tooling delivery. We will assist in negotiations for engineering changes and assist you in qualifying your tooling for production. Qualifications can be Functional, Dimensional or Statistical depending on your application. We can assist you in tooling evaluations and tooling relocation to new vendors.

Product testing: We have associations with certified test labs for standard testing protocols or can design the tests as well as provide the equipment for you to do in-house testing. We can also set up the test procedures and disciplines to assure valid test data from your products.

Productivity improvement: We can assist you in scrap reduction, quality improvement or help in improving your manufacturing techniques to improve profits productivity and quality. We can assist you in starting up new tooling or new resins. We specialize in training personnel in process optimization and troubleshooting. We give consultant advice but will also train your people as well as provide textbooks.

Production Strategy/Business Analysis: We can assist you in evaluating your plant’s capacity. This includes the state of repair of your equipment, your maintenance programs, your machine and tooling loads, material and product flow schemes and other areas of operations such as outsourcing.

Expert witness testimony: We can provide expert witness testimony in the event of product failure litigation, design or process research or contract disputes. Wherever possible research assistants will be used and billed at a lower rate of $75.00/hr. Preparation for trial or deposition is free. Previously accepted as an expert in 14 states and Canada.

Training: We put on several seminars to train your operators and set-up technicians. If our services are not complete for your needs, we can suggest courses for your employees that are usually available at your local high school or community college. We can assist you in setting up a Molding Technician Certification program at your company, specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

Documentation/specifications: We can assist you or write for you, your quality control manuals, tooling standards, GMP, SOP and other required documentation.

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