Trials, Depositions & Opinions

Accepted as an Expert Witness in: CO, IL, AZ, RI, FL, CA, OH, MD, TX, OK, NY, KS, VA, IA, Ontario, Canada

  • Coffman et al. V. Plastomatic 2005
    Product failure/personal injury, testifying expert
    Widdison Law
    Sioux City, IA
  • B & R Plastics V. Dennis Green Limited
    Contract dispute – defense verdict 2003
    Cohen and Associates
    Denver CO
  • Federal Mogul V. Turnkey Tech
    Patient Infringement  Pending 2001 to Present
    Fitch Even Tabin and Flannery
    Chicago, IL
  • Chipsco v. Polytop
    Contract dispute- Pending 2001 to Present
    Duffy and Sweeney
    Providence RI
  • Lozon V. T-Plastec
    Contract dispute -Settled 2002
    Wells Anderson & Race LLC
    Denver CO
  • Barrera v. Van Dorn
    Product Liability – Settled 2002
    Di Marco, Araujo, and Montevidio
    Santa Ana, CA
  • Kortec v. ANC (American National Can)
    Patent infringement Ã- Settled 2001
    Advice – Settled 2001
    McDermott, Will and Emery, PC
    Chicago IL
  • Jabil Circuit, Inc. Third part Plaintiff v. Eurotech Design, Inc., Automatic Technologies Inc., and REELL
    Precision Manufacturing Corp., Third party defendants
    Product Liability – finding for plaintiff against one party 1998, other two pending to Present
    Advice, expert report, deposition, and testimony
    Bavol Bush and Sisco, P.A.
    Tampa FL
  • American National Can v. Continental PET
    Patent infringement – Settled 2003
    Advice, expert report
    Jenner and Block
    Chicago IL
  • Allied Signal and Fisher-Price v. Jones & Vining
    Product liability – Pending to Present
    Chicago IL
  • Tobon and Norman Andre , Plaintiffs v. Richard Andre individually and as Trustee under the Gustaf E
    Andre Trust dated October 1 1971; Richard L. Andre and Robert Andre.
    Ownership dispute – Settled 1997
    Advice, expert report, deposition
    Flynn, Murphy, Ryan and Seyring
    Chicago IL
  • Charles Jones V. H.D. Hudson Manufacturing – Product Liability – Pending settled 2000
    Lampkin, Van Eman, Trible, Beals and Rourke
    Columbus OH
  • Jones V. BMW AG product Failure Settled 1996
    Advice, expert report, deposition, and testimony
    Lipshultz and Hone Chartered
    Silver Spring MD
  • ITS Water Box contract dispute 1995, settled
    Advice, expert report, deposition
    Jeffrey Cohen Esq.
    Cohen and Associates
    633 17th St. Suite 1700
    Denver CO 80202
  • Williams V. Gerry Baby Company
    Advice, expert report
    Product liability – Settled 1995, 1997
    James Payne Esq.
    Beaumont, TX
  • Quich V. Coca Cola, Product Liability, settled, 1994
    Advice, expert report
    Kern and Associates,
    Newstadt Plaza
    Ardmore OK
  • Szatora V. VW of America, Product Liability, Pending 1994
    Advice, expert report, deposition
    Carl Grasso, Corporate Council
    Herzfeld and Rubin
    40 Wall Street
    New York City, NY
  • Ravindra V. John Browne Machinery, Product Liability, Settled 1996
    Advice, expert report, deposition
    William Hammond Esq.
    Roden Hayes and Carter
    Birmingham AL
  • Contract Dispute, 1994
    Advice, expert report, deposition
    Charles Elias, Esq.
    4030 Palos Verdes Drive North, Suite 104
    Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
  • Byrson V. VW of America, on Appeal, 1995
    Advice, expert report, deposition, and testimony
    Robert Treece, Esq.
    Treece Alfrey and Musac, local council
    Denver CO

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