Process Optimization Seminar

Process Optimization
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I have several clients who turn off the controllers/disconnect the transducers when the theory of Scientific Molding doesn’t line up with practical application. This is a major reason for the push-back you get from the molding floor. Scientific Molding’s principles do work. But only if all their underlying assumptions are in place and valid. The biggest one is that you don’t need the black box gadgets.

What you do need is the ‘book learning’ and a healthy does of Smarts.

This seminar is for those familiar with or even qualified Scientific Molders. In the morning we’ll cover the eight experiments used in this methodology. Scientific Molding isn’t perfect but it is certainly a better place to start that the Old School approach of crash and bang molding.

In the afternoon, we’ll learn Troubleshooting. Where defects come from and how to eliminate their causes.

The attendee will get two valuable books:
SCIENTIFIC INJECTION MOLDING – describing in practical terms the how and why of this philosophy. Along with this book is a CD in a spreadsheet format, pre-programmed so that all the experiments to get the best repeatable process are a ‘fill in the chart’ process (Your computer will do the fancy math.).
TROUBLESHOOTING INJECTION MOLDED PARTS – Gives you a new(?) way of thinking about defects, where they came from, and how to eliminate them.

This seminar is neither a sales pitch for gadgets or computer programs. It’s fun, very interactive and leaves you with the understanding of the Theory as well as the Smarts to apply what works.

Q. Do I have to take notes?
A. The problem with some instructors is they teach with the ‘learn by osmosis’ approach: You’re either expected to (literally) write your own book. Or remember everything. That’s impossible. You’ll be given the textbooks that will give you a further explanation of what you’ve learned (or didn’t) from the class.

Q. What do I do?
A. Pay attention and learn. This is a very participative seminar. Ask a lot of questions. I don’t preach, you don’t say “Amen”. We’ll have fun during the entire seminar.

Q. What will I get out of it?
A. Your yields will go up, you can troubleshoot faster and more efficiently, and you’ll finally understand why Scientific Molding works when you do it right; and a logical approach to troubleshooting – saving time and money.

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