Scientific Molding Seminars

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Learn the simple secrets of optimizing each phase of your cycle. The entire seminar is not about signal analyzers or transducers.  it’s about using what you have to get the most out of your process.

  • Clients have improved their productivity by 5-10% doubling their profits.
  • Set up times can be reduced to under an hour.
  • Mold qualification times can be shortened to less than one day.

This is a one day seminar that reviews the methodology and application of Scientific Molding including the experiments you need to do to optimize each portion of the molding cycle.  The second half of the seminar will show you a method of troubleshooting that Scientific Molding doesn’t address.

This seminar is fun and  intensive. Each attendee will get a book on each topic so you can refresh what was said at your leisure.

This methodology solves a very practical problem most molders encounter: Each time the mold is put in a different machine, while a good setup technician will use similar conditions he is usually starting as though the mold is brand new. This slows down the time from the initial shots to getting an adequate production cycle. Scientific Molding looks at the molding process from the point of view of the plastic not the machine settings optimizing each portion of the molding cycle. With this approach once a mold has been qualified, a very simple spreadsheet program can translate the machine settings from one machine to the next to its optimum to get the highest quality part and the fastest practical cycle in a disciplined step by step (scientific) manner.


This is neither a sales pitch for gadgets or computer programs.  When was the last time you attended a seminar where you were given a text book with all the procedures explained and a CD with spreadsheets pre-programmed for all the experiments you’ll need?


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